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Ported Telkom number not working

The ported Telkom number shows in the DID Manager panel, but if the number is called there is no response/ not available.

Hi Gerry,

Thak you for reporting this issue to our forum.

On occasion when a DID is ported, the respective network providers do not immediately update calls routeing from their servers to the number.

For example:

If you have ported from Telkom to FreshPhone and an MTN number tries to call, MTN may still need to apply a routeing update specifying that the number is no longer held by Telkom but can now be found on the FreshPhone network, This is not a common occurrence but it does at times pop up.

We will be escalating this to the porting authorities and will let you know as soon as they have applied the updates. 

Thanks for the response. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Hi Gerry, 

I believe the routeing issue has been amended by

Please let us know if you have any other queries 

Hi FM, Thanks everything seems to be working 100%.


My ported Telkom number shows in the DID manager screen, but I cannot receive calls on it. I can receive calls on my freshphone number.

Hi Riana,

As per our email correspondence, the issue was escalated to our porting authorities who have since arranged for the routing to be updated. I tested the line this morning and the call went through.

Hope you find the above in order.



I received mail informing me that the PORTING of my line will take place on 20/03. On Wednesday I noticed a message on my portable phone "check line" !! very excited, I plugged the phone into my Rooter, and NO DAILLING TONE!! Please help!!
Another question!! I phoned my HOME nr from my cellphone and immediately a voicemail started "0870735713" is not available, please leave a voicemail. Why does the system use my 087 number?? and NOT my 021910...... number?? Even in the message received about a voicemail, my landline 021910...... is not mentioned.

Hi Henry,

I hope you are well. The device needs to be setup with your SIP credentials. That is correct your number has been ported to our system, the reason for the message is that your ported number is being redirected to the 087 number. We recommend that you configure your voicemail message to remove the automated message loaded on your system currently. 

Thank you.


When dialing my ported number, why would the voice message answer that my extension is unavailable, but it reads a number back which differs from my SIP ID? The same number as my SIP is read, except for the last digit incorrectly being zero.

Hi Clement,

I will create a private ticket so we can discuss this issue further. 

My number was successfully ported. When I dial out using my A510IP Gigaset, the number that comes out on the receiving phone is my telkom number (happy with that) but when I try dialing my telkom number I get a message that number dialed is not available, why?


Hi Dominic,

If I try dialling your ported telkom number now from a cellphone and it worked but from a telkom landline it did not so it looks as though the issue is with telkom's routing of that number. I have informed our porting department and they will follow up.

Hi, I'm changing from Cell C to Wirulink as my ISP. Wirulink will pre program the router that I am getting now, but they need all the SIP nr etc etc. Please be so kind as to forward me all the necessary details they would need to be able to pre program the router. Greetings, HJ MONTGOMERY.
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