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Yeastar TA100

I bought a Yeastar TA100 Analog Telephone Adapter today. I want to use my existing analog phone with my FreshPhone account.

Unfortunately I have not been able to figure out what settings I need to configure (see user manual here:

The user manual contains detailed screen shots of which settings are available.

At some point the FreshPhone website indicated that TA100 was successfully registered (under "Device Status"), but I was unable to make or receive calls.

I did a factory restore and have since then not been able to get my TA100 to connect.

The settings that I have configured are as follows:

Firewall: Disabled

IP Blacklist: all entries removed

Time Zone: 2 South Africa Time

NTP Server:

FXS Port Settings

User Name: 2787xxxxxxx

Authentication Name: 2787xxxxxxx

Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DID Number: . (matches everything)



Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



I managed to get my Yeastar TA100 to connect to FreshPhone, but when trying to make a call, I get a busy tone (short beeps).

When trying to call my FreshPhone account, I get the "The person at extension 87.... is unavailable" message.

 I get the following status on my FreshPhone Dashboard:

Device Status  Latency          Phone Device      IP Address
Online         24ms (Excellent) TA100  196.x.y.z (5099)

 Why could the reason be for not allowing calls to be made or received?

Hi Rainer,

We have has a look at your account and see you have a successful call outbound at 21:31pm 

Can you confirm that you managed to resolve your enquiry?

If not, please let us know and we can have a look at possible solutions.

Thanks for the follow up.

Yes I did manage to get it all set up. I think the problem was related to the codec. I had to buy a G.729 license from Digium in order to get the G.729 codec to work.

Hi Rainer,

That is great news, happy calling!

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