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Telfree 021 port

For the past 5 years we have been a customer with Telfree. We also have/had a 021 number with Telfree. I am willing to pay the fee for the port, however I want to make sure that it is possible before I pay.


The latest Telfree invoice (showing my number) I have got is around 1 year old. I cannot produce any more recent documents because they are out of business (as you surely know).

Hi Marcus,

Please send us a copy of the invoice to so we may investigate your enquiry, Is it safe to assume that the 021 number you wish to port has been inactive for the last year if you were not billed for it?  

If this is the case would a new number not be a less complicated option for you? 


Thanks for the answer.

The number was prepaid and we always recharged it with larger amounts. Therefore the latest invoice is one year old. It is a pretty cool number, and we would like to keep it. I will email you the invoice.

In case we can't port the number - could we also get a 021 local number through you?

Thanks, Marcus

Hi Marcus,

We have received the Invoice, thank you, Fresh phone can unfortunately not provide you with a geographical number, we are only able to allocate +27 87 numbers as we offer a residential VoIP service, due to regulatory restrictions dictating that you must operate from within the region you require a DID for, we recommend that users port as a viable option, you would have already provided the needed documentation to acquire the DID you wish to port.

We are investigating the portability of the number you enquired about and we will revert as soon as we have feedback regarding this matter.


Marcus, as per our communication, I would just like to update our forum with the resolution we met regarding the porting of a Telfree number so any other readers or subscribers may be informed.

Even though Telfree has closed it's doors our Network Service Provider was able to successfully port the number to our service. 

This resulting from the fact that you could still provide us with a proof of ownership and the number has not yeat been redistributed by ICASA 

We have happy we could help!


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