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Telkom Number Porting

Please could you let me know how i go about porting my Telkom number across?

Thank you. 

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Log into the TMS, click the DID Manager, and click the "Port My Geographic Number"

Hi does the Telkom number need to be active when you port the number.


Nazeem Pather

Hi Nazeem,

Thank you for your query.

Yes, the line needs to be active in order for us to process the port application. Telkom will reject the port if the line is cancelled or is in the process of being cancelled.

If the line is not active, you will need to re-instate the line before we are able to process a port application.



Hi Jewel,

I will create a private ticket regarding your query.

Thank you.

Hi there,

I have just created an account with Freshphone and am looking to port my Telkom number to your service. I have already cancelled my Telkom line last week, as they need 1 month's notice (is is only getting cancelled on 28 December). 

I read above that I can't port if there is a cancellation pending. Do I have to contact Telkom now to uncancel my line, port the number, and then cancel it again? 

I heard porting takes up to 12 days. Can I only cancel my Telkom line once my number has successfully ported?

I was hoping to be able to port my number during 30 days cancellation period, so I don't have to pay a month's subscription to Telkom when I no longer need to use the line.. seems to be unreasonable that Telkom expect you to pay for a month's cancellation for a line which you have already ported and can no longer use it.

Also, someone told me that we would still have to pay Telkom a monthly rate in order to keep our number. Is this correct? I hope it is just the once-off R150 you mentioned and that we can cut ties with Telkom.

Looking forward to your response, so I know whether I have to un-cancel my Telkom line in order to port to your service.   

(Cancellation order put through on 28 November... our landline is still active and will be until 28 December, when it is cancelled) 

Finally, we are looking to get a Snom VoIP phone second-hand to use with Freshphone.  We are choosing between these models: Snom300, Snom320, Snom370, do they work on your Freshphone service and if so, can you recommend the best model for using your service?

Hi Miki,

I hope you are well. You can choose whichever device you would like as long as it supports SIP. I will create a private ticket regarding your first query.

Thank you. 

Thank you, looking forward to your assistance re. porting

Hi, I ported my telkom number and the port was scheduled for 15/01/2020. 

the port should be complete now.

however I cannot call the ported number, it isn't working.

when will I be able to call the ported number?

Hi Mohammed

Your routing has been updated. your number should work now.

Hi Mohammed

Please send a mail to and they will deal with you via a ticket

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