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Incoming Calls Not Working

I have signed up for Fresh Phone and configured my Snom300 phone with the account. I am however still unable to receive calls on 0872300051.

Could you please let me know asap

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I have an account which has been working perfect. I have call Credit of R 103.00. I can dial out but cannot receive calls. The recorded message says, the user at 27*********** is not available.  The DND is off. On the portal, it shows the Device is OFFLINE. Please assist.

Hi there 

Please click on the 3 dots on the top right corner and click reset app if you are using the mobile app.

If you are using a handset please try to reregister the account on the device.

I have a SNOM300, on TMS shows device is offline. I can make a call from phone but cannot receive any calls. I have checked all the settings from this thread. Phone is connected via a Huawei LTE router on Vodacom

I changed the router to a B525 and turned off SIP ALG. I also gave the phone a static IP and then all worked well and still does.

Hi Micheal,

Thank you. 

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