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How to set up FreshPhone on a Gigaset A510


Connect your router with the supplied Ethernet network cable to the ethernet port found on the Gigaset's base station. Finally, plug the supplied power cable into the base station. 

Wait 60 seconds after plugging the base station's power adapter. 


Press the Paging button located on the face of the base station, as indicated by the screen shot below: 


Once pressed, the IP address of the base station should be displayed on the handset, as indicated below: 


Open a web browser on your computers such as Internet Explorer, or Chrome and enter the IP address you saw on the phone's interface (I.E. where you would normally enter 

STEP 3 We will now login to your IP Phone. You should now see a page that looks like this: 


Enter the system PIN for the A510 IP on the given field. The default system PIN for the A510 IP is 0000. 

After entering the system PIN and clicking the OK button, you should see a screen that looks similar to the one below: 



Settings tab on the top menu bar. Now under the Settings configuration page, click on the Telephony link on the side menu bar as shown screenshot below: 



To configure your FreshPhone account settings, please select the first available line, indicated by the Not configured status: 


Once you have selected your desired line click on the Show Advanced Settings button, and use the following settings. 


Setting Value

Connection Name or Number: Fresh{hone Username eg. 27871234567

Authentication name: 27871234567

Authentication password: Enter your extension SIP Password here. 

Username: 27871234567

Display name: 27871234567


Registration server:

Registration server port: 5060

Registration refresh time: 60

Select Network Protocol: UDP Only

After configuring your settings click the Set button to save your changes. 


Make sure audio settings are configured properly. To do this click on Audio followed by the Show Advanced Settings button and ensure G.729 codec is the only codec listed under the Selected Codecs option. Once done, click the Set button to save your changes.


To receive calls properly you need to configure your Gigaset IP Phone. Click on Number Assignment link, and ensure both the radio button and the check box have been marked for the settings for outgoing calls and for incoming calls next to your FreshPhone account.

Once done, click the Set button to save your changes. 


You may want to access voicemail from time to time. From the side menu, please visit theNetwork Mailboxes page. In the field next to your FreshPhone Account enter *85. After doing so, please mark the checkbox underneath Active 

Once done, click the Set button to save your changes. 


That's it! You can now make a phone call.

Best Answer

I battled to get my Vox Supafone (Apparently the same as same as the Gigaset A580) to register, but got it to work with these settings. The settings are in the same order as the Telephony setup on the Vox Supafone.

My Vox Supafone has this firmware installed.

Firmware version:           022260000000 / 053.00

EEPROM version: 184

This will probably also work for other VoIP providers, just substitute the username, password and registration information with the other VoIP provider’s information.

1. IP Connection

You can replace the default name with a name or the actual phone number to distinguish this connection.

Connection Name or Number:   IP1     (Can be whatever you want)

Auto Configuration

If your provider has issued you with a configuration code, you can use it to start the automatic connection configuration here.

Auto Configuration Code:      (Blank)

Start Auto Configuration

Provider:             Other Provider                  Select VoIP Provider

Personal Provider Data

Authentication Name:   2787XXXXXXX            (SIP Username from Freshphone)

Authentication password:    ********     (SIP Password from Freshphone)

Username:         2787XXXXXXX             (SIP Username from Freshphone)

Display name:    2787XXXXXXX         (Can be whatever you want)

Hide Advanced Settings

General Provider Data

Domain:             (Registration Server from Freshphone)

Proxy server address:      (Registration Server from Freshphone)

Proxy server port:       5060

Registrar server:        (Registration Server from Freshphone)

Registrar server port:     5060

Registration refresh time: 180 sec


STUN enabled:     No

STUN server:   (Blank)

STUN port:   3478

STUN refresh time:   240 sec

NAT refresh time:   20 sec

Outbound proxy mode:    Never

Outbound proxy:    (Blank)

Outbound proxy port:    5060

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Please try changing the SIP server from to

My Gigaset A580 started randomly losing registration a couple of weeks ago. I gave it a fixed IP address rather than getting one via DHCP from the router and it seems to have solved the problem.

Using the suggestions above with my A580 IP

IP Configuration  
IP address:
MAC address: 00:21:04:F7:AC:67 (002104F7AC67-D139)
Firmware version: 022270003001 / 047.00
EEPROM version: 185

Still getting the "Registration failed" error. Tried the numeric IP numbers.

The account I am using works with Zoiper desktop or Android connect to the same network.



In the end did a factory reset of the basestation A580 and typed in all the settings (as above) from scratch. Works perfectly now.

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