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Calls from Cell C says number does not exist

Hi Fresh Man I tried dialing my 087 fresh phone number from MTN, Telkom and Cell C. MTN and Telkom work, but when dialing from a Cell C number, it says my fresh phone 087 number does not exist. Tried multiple times over a few days. Why is this? Have you guys tested this? What about Vodacom, Neotel and other operators?

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Seems to be working now. I don't know why it was saying number does not exist
If you lose data connection, when someone dials the 087 number it says the number does not exist.

There is a problem with receiving calls from Cell C numbers. Tried now from a You and Me mobile sim (Cell C network), and it says the number does not exist.

My phone says "Receiving Calls" under SIP Accounts which indicates it is ready. Also on my profile on, it shows my device status is online.

1. Why is it doing this?

2. Why does it say the number does not exist, if it can;t connect. Shouldn't it go to voicemail?

Hi Aadil Lakhi,

This is attributed to the designated network you are dialing from, in this case, the "You & Me / Cell C" I will inform them of the issue you are experiencing, they would need to correct / update call routeing within their network for this to be corrected. 

Hi Aadil Lakhi,

Once we reported this issue, Cell C was able to correct a routing error on their network resulting in callers from Cell C not being able to reach the 087 number.

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