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Unable to reset password

Hi Freshman,

I had a weird occurrence the other night where my phone just started ringing in the early hours of the morning. When I looked at the received numbers on the phone it just shows "1" and there are no logs in the TMS inbound calls. Any reason why this would happen?

Upon this I wanted to reset my password, I read in a different discussion that I need to click the "forgot my password" link. I did this but it only sends me my current credentials. No link to actually change my password? Currently, it seems there is no way to change your password.

Kind regards,

Louis van Wyk

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Hi Louis,

The strange call you received, has not compromised your account at all, this occurrence is called SIPVicious , In laymen's terms, a "bot" has seen that port 5060 is being utilised on  your router.

This can be easily fixed by changing the port to something like 6050. Have a look at the example here.

I have tried many a times to reset my password but after reseting it reject it and that frustrate mebecause I would like to purchase airtime because I cannot getto my account. Please advice accordingly

Hi Moloke,

I will create a private ticket regarding this query. 

Thank you. 

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