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In coming calls

Do I pay for incoming calls?

How much are calls to a freshpone number?

The caller will pay as per normal to call you (if they are not using using FreshPHONE). So, for example if your friend is on Vodacom, and he calls you, he will pay as per his contract/prepaid rate.

Outbound, that's when you call your friend back using FreshPHONE, these are our rates:

If you are both on FreshPHONE, then there is no charge either way.

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Hi there I'm experiencing such a problem,i'm been charged for incoming calls,How's that possible?

Hi RedDeep,

Your message contains no information as to your account, nor does your email address match any on our system. Please can you give me a little more info (not too much) so that i may find your account and try to determine the issue with your incoming calls.

I've also experienced this. In testing I've made no outgoing calls but it shows a 6 second outbound call. I've also made several incoming calls to test, twice it had a ringing tone but the handset did not ring. Finally on the third attempt it did ring and had a brief 43 second call but I don't see any of them listed as incoming calls from the tms portal.

Incoming calls come to my cell number instead of to my home line number that was ported from Telkom. how do i set it up so that when someone calls my old home number, it rings on my home phone and not my cell. Thanks

Hi Schalk

The calls will ring to the device that you have your FreshPHONE account set up on. Unless you do a Call Divert via the TMS Portal

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