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How do I set up a Huawei B315 with my Analogue phone?

Configuring Huawei B315 for use with Fresh PHONE 

STEP  1 Log on to your Huawei B315
Navigate to the Settings tab expand the Security menu then click on SIP ALG Settings.
This setting needs to be Disabled as it might cause dropped calls or loss of registration.

Thereafter you may update the voice settings as per the example is shown below:

STEP  2 Setting up the SIP Server
Navigate to VoIP menu and click on SIP Server and enter the server details (check your accounts dashboard) an example is indicated in the screenshot below:

STEP 3 Add the SIP Account
Now you should be able to see a Registered , registration status once you have added the SIP Account to the device if this is not the case review the configuration settings as well as the SIP credentials you have inserted.

Remember: SIP Account & Username must consist of your 11 digit Username  (check your account dashboard)

STEP  4 Connect the Analogue phone to the Huawei B315

There you go! Now you just need to get calling. 

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Good Day,

I have a Huawei B315 and connected an analogue phone to it.  I followed all of the steps as per above, but in the end the B315 still does not register to the SIP server. I then inserted the IP address of which is into the SIP server domain name block in SIP Server settings and voilah, it works.

Thank you Freshman

I will give it try once im at home and advise

Hello from Greece

I have the Huawei B315s-22 but there is nowhere the VOIP tab as you can see !

Can you help me ? thank you

(124 KB)

Minas, If the device does not have the tab's your service provider or supplier has flashed the original firmware, unfortunately, you would need to remedy this from their perspective.

Can this problem not be overcome just by disabling SIP ALG settings on Huawei B315 and configuring the Yaelink handset using the handset's settings?  See handset software as per attachment.

(314 KB)

Hi Nitheen,

You might be failing registration due to the spaces in your username fields. Try remove the leading spaces before the 27xxxxx

Let me know if it still doesn't register.

Hi, has the problem with with running fresh phone via ISP flashed Huawei B315 router (cell C in my case)   been soved 

I keep on getting "register failed" / a circle with a line though icon and no service on  Yealink  phone's display. Not sure what to do 

Hi Jacques, 

ISP via B315 seems to temperamental, and intermittent at best. 

Instead of setting up the router with the SIP account, why don't you set up the account on the Yealink device? 

Just make sure your router's firewall isn't blocking the traffic and that the SIP ALG setting is disabled. 

Then login to the Yealink device and set up the account there. 

Hi - thanx for pronpt reply.

That is what i did. I bought a dedicated SIP phone ( yealinkT42G) and conected via ethernet port. I tried adding the  settings I got form  "fresh" both on the phone itself and via the web interface, but keep on getting "register failed" and "no service"

There does not seem to be a SIP ALG setting on the cellC version of the router so I am not sure if that is what is blocking it? I am totally frustrated as i want to port my telkom line over to fresh before the option expires?


(71.8 KB)
(69.3 KB)
(68.1 KB)

When you are logged into the phone's interface, make sure your settings are as follows:

Where Username is the 2787x xxx xxxx number and the password is the one you get off the user portal by pasting the auth key in the field.

Hi FreshMan & Jacques

Cell C flashes their Huawei router that results in one not being able to access the VoIP setting to addd any VoIP phone.  They claim that they do not support VoIP BUT...if you really think about it, both their website and the flyers that they dished out during advertising/promoting the C Fibre did not disclose this fact.  In fact, they used the term ünrestricted"..which is false/misleading advertising.

I have the same problem and cannor resolve it. just waiting till my 12 months Cell C contract expires in November after which I will be moving to Cool Ideas who sell their own VoIP as well as allow Fresh Phone.

Tried setting up with Yealink user interface with 2 different Yealink products.   The manner in which Cell C flashed their router blocks any & all attempts to use VoIP.

Cell C can kiss me goodbye as their client.

Grrrr! the Cell C rep that signed me up for cell c fibre even suggested using Freshphone  and getting a yealink unit. His responce to my concern about cell c not having voip  service was: "Fresh voip offer IP based phones which connects via a lan cable to the router. Don’t use the Rj 11 port" so i understood that the RJ11 port on router wont accept anolog phone - i was fine with that, but after buying viop phone and still not being able to access voip I am rather upset. Yes I can  migrate to another isp in 12 or 24 months to avoid clawback, or even pay  the clawback and move on, but it still is not right.

As this incorrect info is on record I could probably have the contract voided with our current  consumer law and go with other isp that does have voip, but really, in this day and age where we can travel to mars, surely Cell C can have their router's software/firmware updated. i think we should give them motivation.

by the way, that rep that was so very efficient before i signed up, are not replying to any of my queries about this :-(

All a load of B$ from Cell C.  It's not that they have to flash their routers..they do it intentionally.  What bothers me is that they don't offer their own VoIP packages on the fibre.  Maybe they are afraid that it will reduce their income generated from cellular contracts & pre-paid sales.

Was the surname of the Cell C rep same as a colour?   ...I experienced the same sales pitch.  In fact he's the one who introduced me to Fresh Phone ...only for it not to be supported by them.

One must maybe look at taking this issue up with the Fibre Optic Association ombudsman..if there is such a person appointed.

Dear FreshPhone users, 

Please note that we acknowledge your frustrations, FreshPhone has no affiliation in any way with Cell C, we are, however, attempting to contact their management team in an effort to find a suitable solution for users experiencing the same issues with their connection.

We will keep our users updated via our community forum in any event. 

Thank you for your participation and we trust the matter will be addressed soonest.  

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