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How do I set up a Huawei B315 with my Analogue phone?

Configuring Huawei B315 for use with Fresh PHONE 

STEP  1 Log on to your Huawei B315
Navigate to the Settings tab expand the Security menu then click on SIP ALG Settings.
This setting needs to be Disabled as it might cause dropped calls or loss of registration.

Thereafter you may update the voice settings as per the example is shown below:

STEP  2 Setting up the SIP Server
Navigate to VoIP menu and click on SIP Server and enter the server details (check your accounts dashboard) an example is indicated in the screenshot below:

STEP 3 Add the SIP Account
Now you should be able to see a Registered , registration status once you have added the SIP Account to the device if this is not the case review the configuration settings as well as the SIP credentials you have inserted.

Remember: SIP Account & Username must consist of your 11 digit Username  (check your account dashboard)

STEP  4 Connect the Analogue phone to the Huawei B315

There you go! Now you just need to get calling. 

Best Answer

Good Day,

I have a Huawei B315 and connected an analogue phone to it.  I followed all of the steps as per above, but in the end the B315 still does not register to the SIP server. I then inserted the IP address of which is into the SIP server domain name block in SIP Server settings and voilah, it works.

Hi there.

Please send in a ticket as I think the Public IP might be blacklisted again.

Hi . I am trying to configure  Voip on my Huawei B315 . I have done the process as per your instruction . It says registered for a few hours and then goes unregistered .  

Hi Gerard

I sent them and checked your IP, it is in the Blacklist due to an incorrect username or Authentication name being used. Please send any replies from now on to the ticket and not to this Forum post

thanks, waiting for the screenshots

Hi Gerard

It did work, I will send the screenshots from a ticket to keep it private

Thanks, If it does work, could you please send me screenshots of the settings so that I can exactly replicate those settings if it registers.

Hi Gerard

I will try register your account on a B315 in our office. If it registers then either your B315 is faulty or your ISP is blocking it from registering

I have turned off the firewall completely and still not registering, I have also used instead of and still no luck.

You can also try instead of

Try drop the level of the firewall to test, maybe even turn it off completely

Browser phone works, mobile app works. Just cant seem to get he B315 to work. 

I have tried all the advice given but it is still not registering on the B315, the browser phone is also not loading, what could the issue be? I am using rain with a analogue phone plugged into the back of the router, I have also delinked the app softphone before configuring the router.

Hi Bilal

Try connecting the Browser phone through that B315 to rule out breakout from ISP

yes, I logged out and then deleted the application on my phone. Somewhere on your site its documented that only one connection is supported per a line. The B315 is still showing unregistered. Are you not able to view the connection logs based on the number to your server? At least then I can rule out config vs breakout from ISP or even the firmware on the 315. 

Hi Bilal

Did you reset the app after using it in the settings? If not, it will clash with the B315 account

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