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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi I made the payment, uploaded the docs and received a confirmation mail on 3 sept. Said 1 to 3 weeks for porting to be done. More than 3 week have now passed and no new information/ update. What is happening?

Hi Fresh Man,

I'm aware from reading how the porting process works (how I understand it), there's provision for the (Telkom) account holder to give permission to the FreshPhone account holder to have a line ported across.  However, I don't want to go through the rest of the process outlined in "Step 1: Opening your account" - and beyond - when it's preferable to rather open it in the Telkom A/c holder's name / details.

The reason for this question has to do with age - the Telkom A/c holder is elderly (a blood relative), so porting across to FreshPhone whereby I'd have control & responsibility of the FF A/c, is preferable.

Do you foresee any problem/s with me carrying on with the process, and registering the FreshPhone A/c in my name, so that the blood-relative's Telkom A/c is ported over in a normal course of events ? (based on your previous experience with these matters).

Thank you in advance.

Neotel closed their prepaid service. How do I port my neotel nr please advice.

If I a register a new Geographical VoIP number from you, will I be able to port it to another VoIP provider in the future, should the need arise?

Hi. What will happen to your telkom telephone landline after it has been ported to freshphone? Will it just be switched off?
I have a very strange problem. I ported my Telkom number across in Sept 2017. I then tried to get my Telkom account cancelled. This went on for months and just last month my account was eventually cancelled. The porting working awesomely before, but now I have a funny one. When I dial my ported number from a cell phone it works perfectly, but when I dial it from a Telkom land-line it says number doe not exist. This is now particularly after Telkom finally cancelled my account so I suspect some routing updates need to me made again?
Hi I need help porting my Neotel number to fresh phones how do I do it

Hi Kurt,

I will create a private ticket regarding your query. 

Thank you. 

Porting application for 27879437174


My fibre connection has been delayed and I am still using ADSL. I am worried that when the port happens my Telkom line and ADSL will be cut off. If possible please delay the port by 14 days. Alternatively please cancel the port and reapply later.



Create a Fresh phone account for yourself via the link below:

You can use your Neotel Welcome mailer as your proof of ownership.

Request your P000... account number from Neotel and insure you have this filled in on your port application.

Once you have this information please follow the porting instructions below:


You can open a new account in any name you like and port to us as long as the Account Holders details are represented on the porting docs. 


I did the port application and got a confirmation date 30/01/2018, I can see that my number is under DID manager.

My concern is that my telkom account is still active though? Do you cancel the account on my behalf or must cancel with them directly?

Hi Uniotec

As long as it is Geographical then yes. Very soon, 087 numbers are going to be allowed to port as well

Hi Grant

Now that it has ported, your Telkom account can be cancelled ( unless you have adsl connectivity with Telkom, then don't cancel that part of it.)

This is something that you will need to do as the Telkom account holder

Hi, I bought a business entity that was using Neotel prepaid number. I've been using this number for years. I want to port but ownership shows previous owner. Help Max