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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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I ported my home Telkom number to FRESHphone in January and received confirmation that the port was completed on 9th January.

I was only able to test this in April though. When dialling my SIP number everything works. However, when dialling my old Telkom number, the voice recording states my number is unavailable, but the number which is read out, ends on a zero, whereas my SIP account number is 27870572872.

How do I get this fixed, please?

Hi Clement,

I will create a private ticket so we can discuss this issue further

No response for me??

You've taken the money according to PayGate... but no port form.

What's going on?

HI Richard, 

I will also create a ticket for your query. 

Thank you. 

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Hey Fresh Team,

How about a response to my ticket :-) ?

Shouldn't be long. Will probably take you 5 min.

How does one even respond to a ticket... I just get an email telling me a ticket has been opened, but no way of accessing it. When I email back I'm told in the email "we don't do support, contact the forum".

You should see “Ticket Status” on the top right.

Hi Richard,

All you need to do is reply to the email you received from the portal. 

Thank you. 

Thanks Ebrahim.

@FreshIT - that only works when you use the email address that the ticket is associated not that simple if you're careful about spam!

I initiated a cancellation with Telkom yesterday and registered here today. Will it be a problem porting my Telkom number when there is a pending cancellation (effective 13 July)?

you should only cancel telkom landline after regestring with freshphone, but with me I was still being charged by telkom after I had cancelled with them, so you might be lucky

I have a very strange problem. I ported my Telkom number across in Sept 2017. I then tried to get my Telkom account cancelled. This went on for months and just last month my account was eventually cancelled. The porting working awesomely before, but now I have a funny one. When I dial my ported number from a cell phone it works perfectly, but when I dial it from a Telkom land-line it says number doe not exist. This is now particularly after Telkom finally cancelled my account so I suspect some routing updates need to me made again?

Hi Kurt,

I will create a private ticket regarding your query. 

Thank you. 

Tested number porting this morning.

Can still phone from old landline number and the CLI shows the number that was supposed to be ported.

Can phone from VOIP phone using porting number as CLI and that works fine, porting number also shows up on DID.

Looks like Telkom did not release the line on their end perhaps? 

Ok now telkom line switched off, cannot phone ported number from anywhere (call failed).

Can still dial using voip handset, ported number displays on recipients handset.