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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi Erc,

I can confirm that our porting authorities have updated their routing and the number is now woking

Hi there.

I just tried to port my phone number and managed to make a payment using my credit card.

After the payment went through I had a internet issue and cant seem to complete the process

I have received an email from Paygate saying the payment was successful. 

If I try do the port again I have to go through the payment page.

Hi Manus,

I can confirm that we have sent you a private email to verify your payment.

Once payment has been verified a link will be sent to you privately which will allow you to bypass the payment and process your port application.



 Hi Fresh Porting, I went through the process of porting my number and paid and signed through RightSignature. I cannot remember uploading all the documents. Will ibe able to see the ported number on my profile once completed instead of the 087...... number? Sorry I know you do not give much support because there is no monthly charge but it is new technology for an old man. Thank you.

Hi Neels,

You will not see the ported number on the dashboard, how ever its pointed to the 087 number in the backend of our system so what ever the 087 number does the ported number will also do.

Porting application for 27879437174


My fibre connection has been delayed and I am still using ADSL. I am worried that when the port happens my Telkom line and ADSL will be cut off. If possible please delay the port by 14 days. Alternatively please cancel the port and reapply later.



Good Day John

I have generated a ticket for your query.
I will respond via the ticket.


Hi there. I wish to port my Telkom 031 number. What is the process after paying the R150 via paygate? Do I have to inform Telkom and cancel with them? How long will the porting process take?



Good Day Paul

Porting can take 1-3 weeks to complete, please do not cancel with Telkom yet, only cancel once we have successfully ported your number to Freshphone, if you cancel before we will not be able to port a cancelled line.

To start the porting process please login to your TMS

- Select your account

- DID manager

- Select"Port my Geographical number"

- Make payment and follow the prompts to upload your documents and submit.

We will keep updated on your port as we proceed.



HI there, I received confirmation that my Telkom number was successfully ported and I see it on my freshphone DID profile, but when I dial the number the physical telkom land line still rings.

Is there any additional step that needs to be followed?

If check my number here and it still shows as managed by telkom.

Hi Nic,

Please send an email to, with your FreshPhone account number as well as the ported number, in order for us to investigate further. 




I have registered with Freshphone and just had my RICA approved. I would like to port my Geographical number and the webpage requires me to submit a signed authorised order form and personal authorisation letter and to do so online. I cannot find where these forms are. Please could you direct me to them.

Thank you.



Good Day Rick

Fresphone porting can be found on your TMS.


Login to your TMS:


- Select your account

- Select DID Manager on the right hand side panel

- Select"Port my Geographical number"

Here you will make payment of R150 for your porting application, complete the porting application form via the link and upload all necessary documents needed.

Once done, submit your request to be processed.

Porting take 1 - 3 weeks.

Please do not cancel your line with your current provider yet, do so once the number has successfully ported over.



Hi there. My number was supposed to be ported today (10/10/2017). I noticed at 15:00 that there was no dialtone. When I called it it said the number dialed was not correct. When I log into I do not see my old Telkom number in the DID manager yet. How long will it take to be shown in the DID manager? Thanks

Hi there. I paid to port my Telkom 031 number on 27 September and was told it would be done on 10 October 2017. By 15:00 my Telkom phone was dead. I tried to dial it and it said the number was incorrect.

I then plugged it into my GrandStream HT802 and dialed it but still could not call it.

How will I know when it is ported? Will it display underneath my 087 FreshPhone number in the DID manager?

Will I need to change anything on my HT802 like its username from the 2787XXXXXXX number to 2731XXXXXXX

Does my SIP username of 2787XXXXXXX and its password also change?