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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi i would like to understand the process following the port of a Telkom line to Freshphone. 

I understand the process as described here and on the site (which is to complete the porting process) but I would like to know what needs to be post-porting. 

Does FreshPhone cancel the Telkom (other) account on behalf of the client, or do we need to contact Telkom to cancel the account?


Hi again, I have an additional question: 

Are ported numbers linked to the original account (087 number) or is it identified as a second account on the profile? 

Also: i notice that the Porting is identified as R150 (on the porting forms and process in TMS) and R285 on the pricing pages and elsewhere. Can you confirm the correct price, or amend your site to be consistent.


Hi Michael, Ported numbers are added to the original account, but added as an additional number (DID), so you cam actually receive calls over both numbers once ported.

The cost for porting to FreshPHONE has been reduced to R150 - mainly because the process all happens online, and there is much less admin involved. Porting is an admin intensive process - mainly in dealing with Telkom, as you can imagine its not fun :( but well gladly do it for 150 buks tho!

Hi, thanks for the confirmation on the pricing! R150 is definitely a better deal.

Can you confirm the after porting process as well please? 


Yes, our admin team will let you know once completed. 

I currently have Telkom ISDN with two number, can I port both these numbers to 1 SIP number or must I add an additional SIP number? 

Hi Paul, 

You can port both numbers to the same FreshPhone account. 

Please note that when dealing with ISDN, specific rules and guidelines must be followed.

Please email with the details of this port and our porting department will assist you with the correct process to follow. 

I have had confirmation that my telkom number has been ported.  What is the process from hereon please.

Hi Carol, 

Telkom has confirmed that you CAN port it? or that it HAS already ported? If you are able to port the number, you are welcome to port to our platform, please see below:

Geographic landline numbers can be ported to Fresh PHONE.This include’s all South African numbers that start with 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05.Mobile numbers such 083, 072 and 061 cannot be ported to Fresh PHONE.

The once off cost to Port your number to Fresh PHONE is R150 incl VAT.


To Port your number to Fresh PHONE


You login into your Fresh PHONE account, click on DID Manager, click Port Number You will need to provide documents and complete the application form.You will receive an invoice for R150 that will need to be paid via Mastercard or Visa before your application is processed.

You will need to have the following on hand.


A copy of your current service providers invoice and it must display the number you wish to Port.A scanned JPG or PDF of the ID of the account holder.The account holder will need to sign the application forms and authorization letter.

Hi, I have paid the R150 for the Telkom porting, Where do I go to complete the porting process?

Hi Rhyn,

If you have emailed the docs to us already, one of our porting people will be in touch with you on Monday.

Hi, I have completed the porting process from my side however haven't heard anything. Is there a way I can see the progress of the port?

Hi Peter-John,

Your port application was received and you should have received an automated response acknowledging that your port application was approved and submitted to our porting authorities shortly after you completed it online. 

It is currently still with our porting authorities, however I have just followed up on the application as I can see that it has taken slightly longer than usual.

You should get an email with the confirmed porting date as soon as the application has been accepted.

Apologies for the delay and inconvenience caused.

I was told my number would be ported. When dialling the ported number after the port date it did not go through to my FreshPhone account.

Hi Eric, 

We have escalated the matter with the network operator.