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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi my card transaction for port application was successful but was not diverted to the documents upload section. Please assist to get these uploaded. My FreshPhone number is 0872376803

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Hi there.

I just tried to port my phone number and managed to make a payment using my credit card.

After the payment went through I got an error message from Freshphone saying "The response is not authentic"

I have received an email from Paygate saying the payment was successful. 

If I try do the port again I have to go through the payment page.

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HI Richard, 

I will also create a ticket for your query. 

Thank you. 

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Hi Karen,

As discussed via the ticket you submitted, there were minor routing issues on the line after porting, however they have since been corrected and all is now working.



FreshPhone Porting Department

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Hi Ernest,

If you wish to keep the line active, you would need to indicate that you require a replacement number allocated on the porting submission. If you will no longer require the line to be active you would need to request the line be canceled after successful porting has taken place and has been tested.

NB! : Please take into account that no services or line rentals must be canceled before successful porting has taken place as the DID associated with the service will be lost, this is irreversible.

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Hi Peter-John

It is possible to move your geographic number from one account to another.

The cost to move the number is R150. Vat Incl.


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We are a 1 man business currently and have been using a VOIP no. (Euphoria through Rocking Connect) which is registered to a sister company in the building.

They are going to cancel the service as they don't use it and I need to port the no. I use to FreshPhone if possible?

Hi there, I just paid for number porting, card payment went through, and I arrived a page requesting my 11 digit sip phone details, my email and my 11 digit number being ported, needless to say, the java on the page didn't work for me, and refreshing doesn't help either.

Hi Ryan

Please send you request to

Hi David

Please send your query to

Telkom require a Porting reference number in order to stop billing me

Otherwise their billing just carries on.  Telling their billing dept that the number has been ported is not enough

Where do I find such a reference?



I have registered with Freshphone and just had my RICA approved. I would like to port my Geographical number and the webpage requires me to submit a signed authorised order form and personal authorisation letter and to do so online. I cannot find where these forms are. Please could you direct me to them.

Thank you.



Hi i would like to understand the process following the port of a Telkom line to Freshphone. 

I understand the process as described here and on the site (which is to complete the porting process) but I would like to know what needs to be post-porting. 

Does FreshPhone cancel the Telkom (other) account on behalf of the client, or do we need to contact Telkom to cancel the account?


Hi again, I have an additional question: 

Are ported numbers linked to the original account (087 number) or is it identified as a second account on the profile? 

Also: i notice that the Porting is identified as R150 (on the porting forms and process in TMS) and R285 on the pricing pages and elsewhere. Can you confirm the correct price, or amend your site to be consistent.