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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi Keegan,

Once you have filled in the porting docs, we will get a port date from our upstream provider, we will then let you know when this will be and the port will happen any time after 4pm. 

If my Telkom landline number was already ported to another ISP, can you port it to Freshphone?

The CRDB shows

011xxxxxxx has been ported and is serviced by ICONGNP.

I can start the port process earlier than 4pm? Or must I wait till after 4pm to start the port process?

Hi Keegan

You can submit your porting documents whenever but the actual porting of your number will only take place between 4pm and midnight.

I overpaid my telkom account and it says I'm owing -R0.64. Basically Telkom is owing me. Will that negatively affect my port?

Hi Richard,

Any geographical number should be able to port, as long as the Network provider is registered with The Number Portability Company. 

In order to determine whether the number is registered or not, please insert the number into the link below:

If the number is registered, it will tell you which network the number belongs to. If it is not registered, it will give the following result - "Unable to obtain owner of number". 

If it is unable to obtain the owner of the number, you will need to contact Nexus and find out who their network provider is that hosts your number and query why they are not registered with The Number Portability Company. They will need to register before you will be able to ever port your number away from them.


Hope you find the above in order.




Hi Keegan

No this will not affect your port negatively.

So in the database I get a 'unable to obtain' -- but Nexus/WebAfrica say I can port... so should I just try? Tell me what I can do @fresh!

The porting process is the most tedious, complicated process ever of the 21st century. Imagine my 74 year old grandfather, to whom I suggested your service, also moving from Neotel, tringy to do this. It will be hell. One doesnt have this kind of thing , submitting forms, digitally signing them, downloading them, uploading them, scanning documents and saving them for upload, getting authorisation from a near extinct company on letterheads etc, with other networks. You send a sms request, and a few hours later its done. Euphoria is bragged about on sites like Business Tech with headings like : Euphoria Telecom’s legacy of innovation is set to continue under new management. Theres no innovation here. 

Oh no - that's sad:

Unable to obtain owner of number 021xxxxxx

Hi May your please assist me with port for my Neotel numbers 011 025 7977 and 011 025 8030

Hi there. I'd like to port my landline number in preparation for fibre roll-out happening in my area. Activation should happen in a week or so. I currently have a bundled service from Telkom where I use them for the ADSL line, internet connection and ISP. I obviously don't want any service interruption whilst fibre is not yet active. If I port my landline number and hold off on cancelling my Telkom line, will this ensure that my internet service is not disrupted? Put differently, if I port my current landline number, do I have to request another landline number from Telkom to ensure that my internet service is not disrupted?

Hi Morne

Thank you very much for your feedback. We do definitely agree with you, but alas, this is not our process.

The porting process is followed as per ICASA requirements. It is their process, not Freshphone's or Euphoria's. All Telecom companies have to follow this process

Hi Adenaan,

I hope you are well. You will need to request a new number from Telkom if you port your number before your internet cancelation date. Having an ADSL line requires the line to have  a geographical number to operate. I would also like to point out that it takes close to two weeks for the porting process to be completed. 

Thank you. 

Hi All, 

Please note that we can now manage porting through the Freshphone website. Please click here for all porting releated questions -

Please be aware of the following important information, 

Please DO NOT cancel your line with your current provider, only cancel it once the port has been successful, The provider will receive a port out notification and they should automatically cancel your line, however always best to follow up with a call to them to confirm the cancellation on the line.

We cannot port a cancelled/suspended line.

Porting takes between 7-21 days.

The cost of porting is R135 excluding VAT. Payment of this must be made via credit card before the porting can take place.

Porting happens between 4pm and midnight on the day porting is selected.