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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hello I would like to have a Geographical number. Is it still R25? And how do I register

My facility has stopped showing the number of the person calling me.  Is their a setting I need to 'reset'?

Hi Grant

The Porting email address is, they will be able to update you


How do I get access to the porting form ? I did the payment 

Hi Grant, we will send you a response via our ticket system shortly.

Just a quicky - can we port numbers from Nexus? Or only Telkom? It's a geographical number (Cape Town 021)... 

Nexus has been taken over by WebAfrica and I don't want to use them anymore, but freshphone seems good.

Hi Jackie

I sent you the link on the private ticket.


Hi, I have applied to port my geographic number from Neotel with everything done (online application form filled in and sent as well payment made and acknowledged). How do I get to know on how far the porting process is by now, as I am worried about Neotel's imminent shutdown (30 June'19) and do not want to lose my number? Looking forward to your help!!! Thanks

Hi Gradwell

Please send your request to

Hi Paul, 

You can port both numbers to the same FreshPhone account. 

Please note that when dealing with ISDN, specific rules and guidelines must be followed.

Please email with the details of this port and our porting department will assist you with the correct process to follow. 

I have had confirmation that my telkom number has been ported.  What is the process from hereon please.

Hi Rudolph

Please can you provide us with more detail. What device you use? Which account are you referring to? I can see 2 under your name

If I port my geographic number at 08:00 tomorrow (Monday) morning will the port go through? Or do I have to wait till 16:00 to initiate the port?

How long does it take you to port from Telkom? Telkom takes over a month to cancel and i am trying to reducing double billing.  If i cancel the Telkom account now, and sign up for your porting service now, will you be able to port within the month? 

Hi Nadir,

I hope you are well. Please be advised that the porting process takes between 7-21 days. Its best to submit the porting documents to us at the beginning of the month to reduce double billing. I apologise for the inconvenience caused. 

Thank you.