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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi Fresh Man,

I have signed up for a Neotel 012 number in 2014 - I have used this number until recently, but it was a prepaid contract - I have a invoice from 2015 when I changed it to prepaid. Can you port this number or can I apply for a new device and 012 number.

Hi Johan

Unfortunately Neotel have stopped accepting any more port outs.

You can definitely get an 012 number from us. Our system works on VoIP devices which we do not sell. You can get these devices on Takealot or Loot. Yealink is a good make. Or you may use our free Mobile App.

If you are keen, sign up on our website, you will get some free airtime to test us out and you can download FreshPHONE mobile app from the app stores to assist in testing. Once you are happy, request the 012 number and we will add it to your account ( R25 once off for a geographical number)

If you are happy with the App then keep using it, or you can purchase a VoIP phone

Hi Fresh Man,

I wish to proceed with the 012 number - what are the procedure to get 1.

Please fist signup for a freshphone account:
The service will have no monthly fees, only airtime purchase via credit card only.

Yes you are able to purchase a geographical number 

- Once off cost of R25.00 per number
- Provide a proof of residence 

We will then generate an invoice to be paid via credit card. 
Once paid your number will be allocated 

Please send URL to purchase a geographical number - I am already registered with freshphone

Hi Johan is the email address to send your request to

Hi - is it possible to obtain a geographic number without porting (as I don't have a telkom line)?

Hi Reshen

Yes it is, send your request to


We are a 1 man business currently and have been using a VOIP no. (Euphoria through Rocking Connect) which is registered to a sister company in the building.

They are going to cancel the service as they don't use it and I need to port the no. I use to FreshPhone if possible?

Hi there, I just paid for number porting, card payment went through, and I arrived a page requesting my 11 digit sip phone details, my email and my 11 digit number being ported, needless to say, the java on the page didn't work for me, and refreshing doesn't help either.

Hi Ryan

Please send you request to

Hi David

Please send your query to

Hi, I used to have a neotel number but their service is discontinued. I would like a new line if the existing neotel number cannot be ported. How would I go about this, really need your assistance. Would a phone also need to be purchased with sim or how does it work

NN Design, 

You are able to purchase a new number from us, we require a proof of residence and a once off payment of R25.00 per number.

This number is a virtual number and will not be on a sim card. the number will be added to your fresh phone account, you will then need to purchase a yealink, IP phone or use the mobile app to make and receive calls.

Please send your number order query to

Hi Fresh Man,

I'm aware from reading how the porting process works (how I understand it), there's provision for the (Telkom) account holder to give permission to the FreshPhone account holder to have a line ported across.  However, I don't want to go through the rest of the process outlined in "Step 1: Opening your account" - and beyond - when it's preferable to rather open it in the Telkom A/c holder's name / details.

The reason for this question has to do with age - the Telkom A/c holder is elderly (a blood relative), so porting across to FreshPhone whereby I'd have control & responsibility of the FF A/c, is preferable.

Do you foresee any problem/s with me carrying on with the process, and registering the FreshPhone A/c in my name, so that the blood-relative's Telkom A/c is ported over in a normal course of events ? (based on your previous experience with these matters).

Thank you in advance.