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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi Angeline

Neotel have stopped accepting new ports. ie You can no longer port your Neotel number

how do we solve this issue because Neotel referred us to Digico and they clearly failed us, now this is being responded to as if we are at fault. ive been making follow ups with Digico until they sent another note to contact you and because Digico had assured me they are working on it I didn't contact you immediately. please assist because this is being handled very unfairly towards us. I know you are not responsible for Digico, however I am asking for assistance because this is over 2 months now I have been dong the same thing. 

please assist. 


Hi. My 012 number has been ported to Freshphone and shows up in my Freshphone account portal. However, when I dail the 012 number it is routed to the old SIP account with another ISP where it was ported from instead of my account with Freshphone. Please advise

Hi Werner

This will be a simple routing change that we will have to request for either your previous provider, or most likely the network that is not able to reach your number of FreshPHONE. What we will need is one or 2 examples with exact time and date of the calls and the number that you were testing from. We can then escalate this to the Porting Authority.   Don't send your examples to this public forum, rather send to with an explanation on why you are sending them

Hi Angeline

There is unfortunately nothing that we can do to assist you, besides giving you a new number. Neotel have closed their new ports as of last week

Hi Number now routes correctly and seems the issue was resolved overnight. Thanks

Hi Werner

Thank you for the update

Hi Werner

Thank you for update. Please advise on what you need from me in order to proceed with the new number and how the pre-paid will work on a monthly basis. 



Hi Angeline

You can send a mail to to request a number. Prepaid works by topping up your airtime when you need to via the portal with a credit card. If you do not have a credit card, you can actually very easily set up a virtual card by using this app, VCPay. Or if you are with Standard Bank, you can set up a Virtual credit card via the internet banking app. Both these options involve simply transferring cash to the virtual cards and then using them to make payments.

This is very handy for protection against Credit Card fraud.

Good Day

I have sent the email to Billing but I got a reply that the channel is only for Porting and Billing? what should I do because I don't seem to me getting what I need. 

Hi Angeline

Your query has to do with the Billing department. Ignore the auto-responder. You need not reply on this Forum any more

Angelique, I have the same problem. My credit card was debited twice for the same invoice. When sending an email to query the double debit, I was told that emails my not be sent with regards to double debits.

Rudolph your email was sent to the incorrect platform hence the email directing you to the correct platform for your issue to be resolved.

I see we have since received your mail and fresh billing has responded to you.

Is it possible to get a new geographical number from Freshphone then?

I would like a 'real' number not a 0870 one, but don't have one to port.

Hi Richard

Yes, You can order geographical numbers. Simply send a mail to I am directing you to the correct email address, so please don't worry about the auto-response you get straight away when mailing this email address