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How do I setup the Zoiper Application on Android?

There are two methods:

Using the QR Code

1) Got into the TMS ( and select your account, then on the dashboard page, scroll to the  Account Settings section.

2) Click the Zoiper QR code button illustrated below:

3) The QR Code will display.

4) Now open Zoiper

5) Now tap the QR Code icon on the top left of the home (dialer) screen, and using the phones camera, scan the QR code that should still be open on your PC.

6) The system will automatically install the correct settings, simply tap Login button, and your account will be setup.

Manual Configuration

Configuring Zoiper for use with Fresh PHONE 

Make sure you are on the latest version of Zoiper.

We recommend that you read each step through in its entirety before performing the action indicated in the step.
STEP 1 Launching Zoiper mobile
Open the Zoiper application by tapping on the Softphone's icon on your mobile device interface. 


After launching the application, please tap on the Config icon on the top right corner of the application, as indicated by the screenshot below. Then select the Accounts option. 


From the Accounts screen, tap on the option Add Accounts... 


... followed by the SIP option, to configure a new Fresh PHONE account in the softphone: 


followed by Selecting Yes I already have a username and password

followed by selecting Manual Configuration

STEP 2 Configuring your Fresh PHONE account
We will now create a profile and enter the required credentials, such as your Fresh PHONE number (username), password and SIP server: 

Account name: Fresh PHONE
Host: (check your account dashboard)
Username: Your Username (check your account dashboard)
Password: Your Password (case sensitive) (check your account dashboard)

STEP 3 Configuring Basic Settings
Ensure you configure basic codec settings. To do this please scroll down, and select the Codec Settings option. On the Codecs Settings page, ensure that only iLBC is the only Codec selected and no other codecs are checked. 

Tap on the Save button to continue. 

Next, please select the Network Settings option, and set the option Use STUN to No. Leave the other settings in this window as they are.

Once you are done make sure to save your changes by clicking on the Save button. You will be dropped back to the account selection screen, where you should see that your profile is registered to your Fresh PHONE account, as shown on the screenshot below. 

If you encounter any errors please double check your account credentials and make sure you have entered them correctly. 

STEP 4 That's it! You can now make a phone call
You can make a test call *99, or if you are signed have RICA's your account and applied your FREE air time voucher, you can place a call to a traditional landline or mobile phone by dialling the number.

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QR Code option worked perfectly. Thanks!


I have ported a second number to freshphone . How do I set it up on Zoiper?

Hi Craig

The second number that you ported is pointing at your account. Therefore it is pointing at your online extension already. If you set up another phone with your account, they will clash and the last one to register will be the only working one

I managed to complete setup on my "Andriod mobile" using Zoiper.  When I attempt to make a call, a lady voice asks for a "Password".  What password should I use / say??

Hi Gerhardus, 

It seems you have ticked "Enable Pin protected Dialing", you can see this when you log on to your Telephone Managment System, if this is enabled, you need to enter your voicemail pin. if disabled you will be able to dial out as per normal. 

Hi Norman,

I hope you are well. I will escalate the issue you are experiencing, for now would it be possible if you could setup Zoiper manually. 

There are three things you need for your extension to be registered on Zoiper. They are:

- Freshphone SIP Username, SIP Password, and SIP Server (

Please have a look at the video guide on how to install Zoiper  by clicking on the link below:

Thank you. 

Hi Norman,

It seems the Zoiper server that generates the QR might have been down. I apologise for the inconvenience. 

Thank you.

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