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Call rate for the person who calls me

Hi What rate will a non fresh phone customer be charged by their provider to call a Freshphone 087 number (or geo ported number) ? Example a Telkom customer calls me (fresh phone customer). What does he get charged by Telkom?

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Hi Aadil

The charges to call a Fresh PHONE telephone number are 100% controlled by the network provider the call is originating from. 

i.e If you have a mobile contract, you will be charged your specific contract or prepaid rates to call any standard landline or mobile number including Fresh PHONE. We suggest speaking to the network provider from who the calls are coming as they are the ones who dictate the retail cost to make the from their network. - Not Fresh PHONE

You can check Telkom rates to any number by using the Telkom Tariff Estimator here

From our deduction (making use of the above calculator), Telkom charges 58c including VAT per minute to call FreshPHONE numbers with a minimum bill of 63c including VAT. However, we cannot be held to this as we do not control what other operators charge to make calls.

Many years ago, +- 8 years there was a provider who charged excessive fees to make calls to the 087 numbers, This type of activity was stopped through regulation by ICASA but there are still remnants of the damage it did to the market as people still remember. Those days are over but we still suggest checking with the network that is originating the call what they charge to call 087 numbers.

If you have a friend or family member you speak to regularly, our suggestion is for them to sign up for a Fresh PHONE account for FREE as they will then be able to call you on your 087 number for FREE and anyone else at low costs. No strings attached! 

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Once I have ported my Telkom landline number, are calls to that number (ie calls that I receive) charged as calls to a landline, or calls to an 087 mobile? I have friends and relatives both in South Africa and abroad with free calls to a landline. I want to make sure that my ported number remains classified as a landline, so that these people can continue to call me for free once the number has been ported.


My freshphone number starts with 08709 and is NOT recognized by Telkom Tariff Estimator:

Has this estimate gone up at all.

Looking to join but calling rates is important.

Hi Ryno

The rates have not gone up, in fact, they never go up, they only ever go down

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