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More than one number on account

Good Day, Is this possible an how do i go about ?


Hi Michael

We will be launching the ability to port a geographic telephone number you own to your account by the end of next week. It

will carry a once off cost of R285 including VAT. 

You can receive more than one call at a time on your 087 number, we do not plan on catering for more than one 087 number per account.

If you require an account for another family member they can sign up for an account with a new 087 number for themselves.

May I ask the reason you require a second 087 number as we may have an alternate suggestion for you.

I want to have a home phone, and my mobile and possibly an office phone as well.
What suggestion do you have ?



Hi Michael,

Freshphone is aimed at being a free replacement to the traditional home phone. If you require additional numbers or functionality I would suggest looking at the Euphoria PBX solution -

I hope this helps.

Hi. I would also like the ability to do exactly this. I want to get a number for my mother to replace her Telkom phone which has been down for 8 weeks now, due to cable theft, maintenance, air, or just maybe because its Wednesday.

How would I go about to do this? If I register a separate account, we will need to do the whole RICA thing again. I will be the one topping up the account etc, so I want all admin to be in my name.

HI Andries,

I see you registered multiple accounts yesterday, if you used your login details, they will all be on your account, you just need to port the number to one of them and set up a device for her.



I saw one of the other threads, which helped me to figure it out!

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Hi Andries,

Thank you. 

Would you be able to use three numbers all at the same time without one affecting the other.

On the same account

You could but you could only ring one phone at a time? your phone would only have one caller ID. You could have 3 different incoming numbers but at the end of the day it still equates to 1 incoming line.

Will it be possible to port the geographic number to my account and also have a 087 number on the account.

My VOIP device has place for up to 4 line definitions - SIP accounts.


Hi Heinrich,

It will not be possible to have more than SIP account linked to the same account, what I mean is, your ported number becomes an alias to the 087 number. You will need to get more than one freshphone account if you wish to use more accounts on your phone/s.

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