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How do I setup a Fresh PHONE Account?

Setting up your FreshPhone account is really simple, follow these 6 simple steps to get started.

Step 1: Opening your account

To use the FreshPhone service, you will need to open a new personal account.

  1. Visit the website ( and select the “Sign Up” tab on the top right of the menu. This will navigate you to the “user registration” page. 
  2. Pick your number from the generic list of numbers available, by ticking the box on the left of the number. This number can be changed at a later stage if desired. View the support forum for number change and number porting guide for more information.  
  3. Complete the billing and accounts section. Please ensure that the email address used for your registration is an active email account which you have immediate access to.  
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions section and tick the box next to “I have read and clearly understand the above terms and conditions”  
  5. Select “Next” 

Your details will be automatically captured and your account registration process will be complete. Scroll up to the top of the page to see the “Registration Complete” notice and further instructions.

FreshPhone will send you a welcome email to complete your account setup process, as well as other important email notifications at a later stage.

Step 2: Logging onto your FreshPhone Account

Once Registration has been completed, a welcome email will be sent to your email account, follow these steps to log into your FreshPhone account.

  1. Access your email (the email used to setup your account) 
  2. Open the “Welcome to FreshPhone” email. The email will contain your username and a unique 25 digit voucher code which you will use to redeem your FREE airtime.  
  3. Access the TMS (Telephone Management System) by clicking on the link found at the bottom of the email ( 
  4. The link will navigate you to the FreshPhone TMS Login page.  
  5. Enter your username and password and click “Submit”. 

Well done! You have now setup and logged onto your FreshPhone account.

Step 3: Navigating your FreshPhone TMS (Telephone Management System)

  1. On logging onto your account, the first page will be your “profile page”. This page gives you quick access to “My Accounts” and “My Contacts”. It also contains some of your personal information. 
  2. Access your account by clicking on the “>>Select Account” button.  
  3. The default page loaded will be your account Dashboard. This page gives you an overview of important information about your account, such as RICA status, Device Status, Voicemail Options, Billing and Accounts summary, Account Settings and Phone/SIP settings.  



Step 4: Uploading RICA Documentation

Your FreshPhone account cannot be validated (by law) unless the relevant RICA documents have been submitted and approved. To submit your RICA documents follow these steps.

  1. Have a digital copy of your ID document saved on your PC.
  2. At the top of your dashboard page, select the “upload RICA documents” option.  
  3. This will open a new window where you will be asked to upload your ID document.
  4. Click “choose file” and upload the digital copy. 
  5. Once they have been selected, click “upload”.  
  6. Your RICA documents will automatically be forwarded to the RICA authorities for validation.  
  7. Close the window by clicking on the “x” button at the top right.  

RICA validation usually takes up to 24 hours to be complete



Step 5: Redeem your FREE airtime voucher

  1. Go to the Welcome to Fresh PHONE email in order to retrieve your 25 digit unique voucher number.  
  2. On the side of your screen you will see the “billing and accounts” tab. Click on this tab.  
  3. At the top of this page you will find an option to “Redeem Voucher”. Click on this option.  
  4. Copy the 25 digit unique voucher number from your email and paste it in the “voucher code” section, click submit.  
  5. Your account will automatically redeem the voucher and increase your credit by R5 to get you started.

When you return to your dashboard page, the “billing and accounts” section should now display calling credit of R5.


6) The next step is to setup your VoIP Client (also known as SIP Client). Some of the options include:

7) The only setting on your Internet Router that should be off is SIP ALG (usually under security). Most Internet Routers will work without needing to make any changes.

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Hi, the signup form on your site does not work. It gives an error. I would like to add an additional line to my account. How do I do this?

Hi Rhyn, 

Our sign up page is active, you would need to create a new account entirely, you can not add additional SIP accounts to one Freshphone account. 

If you are unable to reach the sign-up page you may be in violation of one or more of our Terms and Conditions


I am unable to sign up.. Everytime i use the email verification button, it says "Not properly formatted" .. not sure how else to input my email address?

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Hi Rian

Please send this request to

Hi Rian

We have just picked up the issue and our engineers are looking into it

Hi Rian

We have resolved the validation issue

"Thumbs up"

Working... Thank you

Good day, Signed up for a freshphone account and have not received a welcome mail as yet although voip is fully functional on my polycom device. Secondly, paid for a gnp port and received an email with scheduled porting date, on the scheduled date received an email saying there was a system error and the port would be requested again and would go through when accepted. Is there an expected turnaround time for resolving porting issues. Just to clarify this is not a complaint, I am extremely happy with the service and the quality of your calls, just a little impatient to finally be rid of current landline provider.

Can I have two (or more) physical phones (including a smart phone or multiple smart phones) using the same SIP account (settings / configuration) at the same time or may only one switch on (plugged in). to the internet. 

If so can two or more different smart phones have the app installed and connected or (as above) only one of the smart phone apps active.

I surmise that if there are multiple instances of my Fresh Phone configuration, only one would be valid at a time on the others should be switch off as incoming calls would not know were to go: ie only one would be active / reregistered to the SIB server at a time. Hopefully the different instances/devices can be switch on and off to the server.

Hi Dion

Please send your porting query to They monitor emails and do not monitor the forum

Hi Edward

In theory you can have it on 2 devices, however, only one will be registered with our server at a time therefore you will only receive calls on one at a time. They will fight each other for registration and keep stealing it from each other. They will both be able to make calls at all times. Just the incoming call will be the problem

Hi there, you sign up page doesnt seem to be working.  I am currently overseas and looking to sign up.

Error I get i s"This page has been temporarily closed for maintenance. We will be back shortly."

Hi Reenesh

You will not be able to sign up from overseas. You have to be in South Africa for the web site to work

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