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How do I setup a Yealink W52P/W56P Handset and Base?

These steps assume you have signed up successfully and have access to your online portal available at 

Step 1 - Hardware Power Up

  1. Plug the Base Station into the power
  2. Power ON the Handset
  3. Plug the Handset charging cradle.

Step 2 - Handset Registration to the Base

  1. Long press the button on top of the base station till the registration LED slow flashes. 
  2. Then press the OK key to enter the main menu on the handset, select Settings->Registration->Register Handset.
  3. Select the desired base and press the OK soft key. The handset begins searching the base.
  4. Press the OK soft key after searching a base successfully.
  5. Enter the base PIN (default: 0000), and then press the Done soft key to complete registration.
  6. After the success of registration, the handset LCD screen prompts “Handset subscribed”.
  7. If you have a second or thrid handset, simply repeat the process for each Handset.

Step 3 - Getting the IP address of the Base Station from the Handset

  1. Press OK on the Handset - it will bring up the menu items.
  2. Press OK again on the (i) Icon which is usually selected by default.
  3. Press OK again on 1st menu item which says Base
  4. The IP address will be displayed on the screen it should 4 numbers separated by a . (dot)

Step 4 - Retrieving your Phone/SIP Settings

  1. Login to your online portal at
  2. Click on our Account - it should be the only one in the list
  3. On the dashboard you will see Phone/SIP Settings in the lower right-hand corner.
  4. Please keep these details available for the next step. (see image below)
  5. You will need to click Show Password to see the password. (Don't share it!)

Step 4 - Adding your Fresh PHONE account details to the Base.

  1. You will need to use a PC or Tablet connected to your Wifi or Home Lan.
  2. Open an Internet Browser such as Chrome or Safari
  3. Type in the IP address of your base station - example (you would need enter your own one)
  4. A login screen for the base station should appear in your browser (see image below)

  5. Enter the Username = admin and Password = admin

  6. You will open up on the Status Tab - Select the Account Tab (image below)

  7. Using the information from the image above you would enter the following.
    (You will need to enter the details from your Phone/SIP Settings)

    Use the default Account1
    Line Active = Select "Enabled" from the drop-down menu
    Label "Enter your SIP Username" =  27879446279
    Display Name "Enter your SIP Username" =  27879446279
    Register Name "Enter your SIP Username" =  27879446279
    "Enter your SIP Username" =  27879446279
    Password "Enter your SIP Password = (Click show password to see yours)
    Server Host "Enter your Server Host =

  8. Click Confirm at the bottom of the page

  9. The Register Status at the top should change to Registered.

Step x - Setting your Time Server
  1. Click on the Settings Tab

  2. On the left hand menu click Time & Date

  3. Ensure the settings are as follows

    DHCP Time = Enabled
    Time Zone = +2 Greece, Israel, Russia
    Daylight Saving = disabled
    Primary Server =
    Secondary Server = "blank"

  4. The rest of the settings can remain default

  5. Click Confirm at the bottom of the page.

Your Fresh PHONE should now be fully operational, outbound calls are dependant on your air time baalnce.

Thanks you

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Hello Fresh I use to have the ac88 and it worked perfectly. Got Google home and it stopped working Got the ac88 from storage and plugged it back in so I'm theory all should be like it was
Hello Fresh It worked well with the ac88, I replaced the 88 with Google home. Sip stopped working. I got the ac88 from storage and removed Google home so in theory all is back to how it was

Was the old router reset by any chance? there could be a setting like SIP ALG which needs to be disabled. 

Which ISP are you with?

Hello Fresh,

Sip alg has been disabled and enabled on the 88 both tested 

Same isp before webafrica fiber from telkom



Hey there!

Might have a weird question but is it possible to connect a W52 handset to a W60 base?

Purely for testing possibilities but very curious and if it is possible, how could you do it?

Hi Fabian,

Apparently this is possible with the latest firmware. Have you given it a go?

I need to setup my Yealink W60B and W56H handset.  Will this be the same as for the W52P and W56P configuration please?

Hi there

In step 3 above, the IP address on my phone shows as Any idea why that would be?



Hi Louise

That would mean that it is not receiving an IP address from your router. Is it plugged into your router?

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Hi Leslie

Yes, it is exactly the same process

I get to step 3 above and there is no IP address. I am with Afrihost and using a dLink DIR-825ACG1 router

Please help

It was not plugged in - how could I be so silly!!

Thank you!

Now the next problem is, I am able to call out from the phone, even although when making a call a hear a message that says "Unable to route your call, please contact your service provider" . The call will go through and the call can be answered, but if I try to call my fresh phone it does not ring. Did I miss something somewhere?

Hi Louise

We created a ticket and are dealing with this through there

Thanks Freshman, how do I see the status of the ticket?

Hi Louise

Here is a screenshot from the portal

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