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SIP Phone Settings

What are the settings for SIP Phones and compatible devices?

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Hi Candice

I see the R5 is on your account.

To set up your Yealink phone:

Registering extensions to a Yealink device is done via the Web Interface of the Yealink IP Phone. First, we need to log into the handset by opening a new Tab in your Web Browser and inserting the IP Address of the phone into the Address bar. (By default the phone is set on DHCP, to get the IP address you would need to press the ‘’OK” button on the phone)

Once you are logged in, we need to go to “Account”, this is where we enter the extension’s details. Please see the example shown below:

You can get the SIP credentials in the TMS

Register name: 2787xxxxxx

Username: 2787xxxxxx

Password: What it says in the TMS

Server host:

And click save at the bottom of the page.

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