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SIP Phone Settings

What are the settings for SIP Phones and compatible devices?

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Registration Server / Server Host =
Registration Server Port / Server Host Port = Port 5060
Register Name = your account number starting with 27 – check your dashboard to confirm
User Name / Authentication Name= your account number starting with 27- check your dashboard to confirm
Audio codec =G729 backup codecs are iLBC and/or GSM
Time Server / NTP Servers = 
Network should be set to DHCP (This is the default)

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I want to port my old landline.Where do I start ?. i have an account and My FICA is in order/

Please see section on Porting your number.

I had unmber before and accidentally i removed it and now I have another one is the a possibility that I can port it

Do you have another Telkom number you wish to port over to Freshphone?

My VOIP phone is asking for FreshPhone's server address - where do I find this?

is this the registration address?

can you change the default SIP port of 5060 ?

I could possibly do this, but why? I can do it through my laptop. What is this all about?

Ok I can dial out, phone is registered,, but no calls coming in, since no data, but I have a voucher?

If your phone is registered then you do have data

Hi David

It looks like it is working now. 

Any reason why when i call this number off my yealink b60 unit they cant hear me 0114579900

Hi Tyrone

Send a mail to with an example no older than 4 hours, (exact time of call please) We will run a SIP trace and see why there is no audio

Please can someone assist in connecting my Yealink  SIP T18P VoIP phone to my Freshphone account? Is says device inactive and not sure where to go to input the SIP details. 

The voucher for the free R5 airtime also isn't loaded.

I have been trying for the past 2 hours with no luck :( 


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