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What payment methods are available?

You can pay via Mastercard and Visa card to purchase Air Time on your account. 

Note: No other methods of payment are accepted,  this helps us keeps the service cost of Fresh PHONE at zero.

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It would help if Freshphone would offer other forms of payment for purchasing airtime, even vouchers, something, anything! Used to use this service a lot until I stumbled into that problem of no way to purchase airtime without a credit card. Makes it all rather pointless.

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i so agree Dru cos not everybody believe on having credit card this service of only credit card its so pointless

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Hi Moloke,

I hope you are well. As mentioned in a previous post we do not support any other payment function besides credit cards. I apologise for the inconvenience. 

Thank you. 

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Update: For those struggling to find a credit card to use for payment, I recently discovered the most/some banks actually offer Virtual Credit Card services where you can create a temporary electronic card to use for online purchases. Used it and worked like a charm.

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Hi Viveganathen,

FreshPhone only allows for credit card payments and does not cater for any debit card payments.

Hope you find the above in order.



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am new at this freshphone but already am getting confused by the other time they say you can pay via master card or visa card... and the othe respond say you cant pay with any other than credit card. so which is which

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The App VCpay supports all bank accounts

Hi Dru

We note your frustration. Unfortunately though, we do not accept anything other than credit card payments.

which bank offers such services

Hi Atam

I know that Standard Bank definitely does. Not sure on the other banks.

Hi Dru

Which bank do you use?

Atam, Standard Bank has that option or you can also look at VCPay

must open an account with standard bank? I don't bank with them

Hi Atam

VCpay will be a good option for you 

Hi Dru Kakai can you please share does fnb offer the virtual credit card service?

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