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How do I setup my voicemail?

On your account dashboard there is a “voicemail” section where you can follow a few simple steps to setup your voicemail.

Type in your “Display Name”

Select a 3/4 digit pin

Dial *85 on your phone and follow the voice prompts to complete the process

To setup “voicemail-to-email”, simply type in your email address in voicemail settings. Voicemail’s will be sent to your email as a sound file attachment.

I've added a voicemail 4-digit pin number, dialed *85 and repeated the pin over the handset, which was not accepted.  Obviously I'm doing something wrong!

Also struggling.  There is a default password that I can't see - not sure if it is the login password.  When I change it and hit "update", it just changes back to how it was. 

The default pin is usually the SIP number you were provided with ie:2787xxxxxxx

I changed my display name to my name and VM pin to 1234 and left the email blank and updated, it works ok for me.

Thanks. The default pin was not the SIP no. BUT changing my display name made it possible to change my pin, whereas before it just kept reverting back to the pin already typed in.  Sorted:)

Awesome glad you got it working!
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