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Smartphone only, no SIP phone.

I have a Freshphone account but I do not have a SIP phone.

I have loaded the Freshphone app on the smartphone.

However I cannot dial out to valid numbers.

Can one use a smartphone only to use Freshphone VOIP?

Do I have to set up anything?

Hi John

That is great news

Yeah Fresh Man,

A little confusing at the start.  Had a little difficulty redeeming the voucher.  What was not clear that I had to look for "Billing and Accounts" in the orange Left Hand Side panel of the screen.

I was looking at the "Billing and Accounts" box on the dashboard!

All good now, up and running.

Thanks, John.

Hi John

The FreshPHONE app can call any number as long as it is online and as long as you have airtime. I see you bought airtime on the 25th and your calls are now working.

Have a great day

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