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Registration Failed Error


I'm currently permanently getting a registration failed when trying to connect from my home internet.

If i switch to 3g and use the built in dialer on the freshphone tms web site it works, but on my home isp it doesn't work at all.  I also can't get my yealink to register anymore either.

Does freshphone do some sort of IP rate limiting?


Hi All,

There are certain factors that are in play that can cause the registration to fail. Incorrect SIP credentials, the ISP has disabled SIP traffic to go through (i.e UDP over port 5060) or too many failed registrations can cause the system to blacklist the IP address.

Hi Vasili

"Does freshphone do some sort of IP rate limiting? "

No we don't. It is normally a router firewall issue. Due to failed login attempts with incorrect credentials, we may have blacklisted your IP address. Go to google and type Whats my IP and then send it to and we can check the blacklist.

Similar issue. Though I have had a nightmare trying to get devices to register to tms.freshphone for the last while. Just strange that the same settings on the handsets end up giving failed registration :/

Busy setting up a gigaset 540IP which had my test freshphone credentials configured for testing. Registered fine when I first placed teset credentials but now when registering a new account for the client the new accounts credentials are unable to register. Swapped back to the test account's credentials and now cant get the device to register to freshphone on either of the accounts (new test / test account).

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