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Connecting to Freshphone via SuperSonic

SuperSonic have requested that the following two IP Ranges be white-listed.

Can connect to Freshphone from any other network, just not my super-sonic fibre connection.

Using Huewei B315.  When connecting though LTE, SIP account registers.  When switching from LTE to Fibre, SIP account remains unregistered.

Can telnet to in both cases.


Hi there James

I have responded to you ticket with regards to the above post.

We do blacklist Public IP's when the user enters the wrong credentials  and we have to manually remove them.

Your Ip was not amongst the list .

Please check if  super-sonic  connections firewall is allowing with VoIP to pass through .

Please advise

I have pushed back to SuperSonic and am now waiting for their response.  I will post an update when I have one.

Once they allow it, it will allow you to register

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