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Registration Failed (FreshPHONE & Zoiper)

My FreshPhone app is not working, it keeps flashing red and green. When I check online it shows Offline Status. 


I have also tried Zoiper, it shows status FreshPHONE is registering then moves to registration failed, the whole process keeps repeating.

I found topics similar to mine on this forum and you guys are saying we should send an email to but I get an automated response saying This email channel will only cater for tickets relating to Billing and Porting, technical enquiries will be automatically closed.

Hi Mthoe

Which model mobile phone do you use and please check your firewall settings on your router to ensure that SIP ALG is disabled. Also, have you rebooted your mobile phone recently?

Hi Rory

The 516 and the 180 accounts needed a reset. I have reset them and I am just waiting for Dev to match the passwords to the last password and to remove those 2 accounts from our blacklist. They have just let me know that it has been done. Those 2 accounts will work now.

Hi Fresh man

I have actually checked other connections and they are working, I need to check my LTE again when I get my data on the 1st. As for the WIFI I have no access to the Firewall as this is a work connection.

Hi there Mthoe ncube 

Please advise us once you checked the Lte connection on the first .

The wifi connection shouldn't be a problem .

Good Day

I have tested on my LTE and it connects but the connection is intermittent. I assume the issue is with my network provider.

Hi, I am having the exact same problem, I have tried both apps, no luck and I have tried 2 different wifi's and mobile data and still not working. Something is definitely wrong with my account

I see that you have managed to get the account online.

Hopefully it stays up please do contact us if you have any issues.

Hi Mthoe

I would assume so as well

I also have 2 of my numbers that seem to have stop working. Registration failed. Did work before.

The ones ending with 516 and 180 are the problem ones. Others still working fine.

Hope this can be fixed as the 516 is linked to a ported number for our B&B.


Please could you provide us with your public IP address in a ticket I would like to check if you public IP is being black listed.

But please do via a ticket would not like you r personal details out in the open.

I can send public IP but tested with cell c MTN and ADSL. Other numbers on that account work fine on all three ISP's
I also forwarded calls that are made to my ported number to my cellphone. But when I phone the ported number it tells me this is not a valid number on euphoria network.

Please try again, I was able to register on zoiper now.

Registration failed (Request Timeout (408))

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