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Good afternoon

My dad number 0110470519 was with Neotel. Can he port out this number ?

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Hi Ziyanda

Please send your request to

Ok I will like you guys to offer me a new number then, so what does it required please get back to me

Unfortunately your prepaid line can not longer be ported, we can however offer you a new number at a once off cost of R25.00

I will like to port my neotel number please help

Hi Nhlakanipho

Neotel have finished doing ports. They are no longer accepting any new ports, They will however continue to work on the ports that have already been submitted

I'm also having difficulties doing this please please assist. My number is 0716209147 and old neotel 0318221257

You can use your Neotel Welcome mailer as your proof of ownership.

Request your P000... account number from Neotel and insure you have this filled in on your port application.

Once you have this information please follow the porting instructions below:

we would like to port the following number from neotel 0127716322

Hi Ockert

Yes he can, here are the steps 

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