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Porting assistance

Good day I just tried to port my phone number and managed to make a payment using my credit card. After the payment went through I was not redirected to the link to upload the proof of my existing neotel account and my proof of identification. I have received an email from Paygate saying the payment was successful.

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Did you get an email from neotel giving you your account number . It's not letting me upload that
Yes I received a welcome letter from neotel as a substitute for a statement.
But I cant upload it why

Please ensure the document is in a jpeg,pdf or png format before uploading

What are the steps involved in porting my Neotel number and how long does the process take and how much cost

Hi Thabani

Please click here for the Steps. To port it is R135 ex VAT. Porting process can take anything from 7 - 21 working days 

I m also on neotel prepaid and dont have invoice. what must I do or submit

Hi Eva

You can use your Neotel Welcome mailer as your proof of ownership.

Request your P000... account number from Neotel and insure you have this filled in on your port application.

Once you have this information please follow the porting instructions below:

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