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Call quality is terrible & I'm using call forwarding

My FreshPhone setup is that all calls to my FP number are forwarded to my cellphone.

The call quality is terrible. It cuts out all the time. And this isn't because I'm using an app or a SIP phone - the call is being forwarded directly from FP to my cellphone. 

My cellphone does not normally have any signal issues but I always have a poor connection when I receive my forwarded calls.

Hi Marcel

Does the issue persist if you forward to a different device/phone number?

Hi Marcel

Any feedback with regards to my last question?

I haven't received a call on my Freshphone number to be able to check.

Hi Marcel

I see there was a call on the 10th May, but it was cancelled before it was answered. Is there any way you can test your forward quality from another phone? 

Seems to be working fine now, thank you

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