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Freshphone app not working 100%

I am using the Freshphone app, and it works really great except for the speaker button that is not functioning. I have tried all scenarios to enable it, but cannot. I have been trying it on different phones and models too and still I cannot get the speaker to activate.

Hi Karlen

We are dealing with these on a case by case scenario via email/tickets. If you haven't already, please send a mail to

There might be info that we require which should not be put on a public forum

I installed the FreshPHONE app about a week or so ago and registered it on my iPhone XS Max. It has only ever worked once when I tested it to make and receive a call. Ever since all I get is either "call unauthorised" or "Error". I have not changed any settings on either the app or network, what could be the problem?

Hi Fresh Man

I am still using the same WiFi network, and all of a sudden, the speaker phone option started working for outgoing calls. Nothing has changed. So it is very strange indeed.

But everything is working. Thank you for checking this for me.

Hi Fresh Man

Will try it on data and let you know. Thank you fro the help.

Hi Michael

I tried now and got an issue, got all excited that I had replicated it, but then turned off my WiFi and went with mobile data and it worked fine. Seems my WiFi was blocking outgoing audio. Tried successfully a on S8+, S9+ , S10  all on Android 9 and a Huawei P9 lite Android version 7.

The fact that it's not working on multiple phones for you, makes me think it has something to do with connectivity/firewall

For some reason my post was not loaded.

I can activate the speakerphone when I get incoming calls, but outgoing the functionality is gone. So there is something strange with the app.

Hi Michael

I have tested now on multiple devices including S8 S9 and S10 all running Android 9 and they are all working. I need to be able to replicate the issue in order to troubleshoot it. 

Reinstalled and still not working. Running Android 9 on Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Tried it on Galaxy S10 and also not working.

Hi Michael,

I tested this on both android and iPhone and was able to able to hear and be heard on loudspeaker. I believe it may be permission related. When installing the app please make sure you allow all permissions for the app to function correctly.

Please re-install allow and confirm if its working?

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