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Redeem voucher

Can't find the redeem voucher on billing and account

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Hi Julien, 

I was able to redeem your voucher on your account for you.

Pls do for me as well, thank you.

Not sure why were not able to redeem it either. I just did it from your account with no issues.

Could you please do my voucher as well?

Hi Rochelle, are you getting an error when redeeming the voucher?

There is no option to redeem the voucher

If you log into and click on Billing and accounts, you will see there is a place to redeem the voucher.

Thanks, found it


Hi, I also cannot find the redeem voucher section on billing and account. Everything else went smoothly.

Ok no worries - found it on the RHS. Thanks.

No problem. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need help with anything.

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