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Are Tekom cancellation delays affecting porting?

I'm looking at porting my existing Telkom number to a VOIP number, but I've been hearing many complaints about delays on Telkom line cancellations. Is this also affecting the porting of Telkom numbers over to you? What is the typical timeline for the porting process? If its going to be a while I'd rather sign up for a new number. Thanks for the help.
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Good Day Robert,

I see your request is being responded to via a different platform.

When porting a number to Freshphone, please do not cancel the services with Telkom before the number has ported successfully.

Once your number has ported it is an automatic cancellation of your number with Telkom however not all your services with Telkom.

Porting takes up to 7-21 days - the porting department has closed for the year and will re-open on the 7th January 2019.

If you can wait to port in the new year if not Freshphone only offers one 087 number when you signup and no additional Geographical Numbers.

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