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Device status offline on the Dashboard

I have connected the the VOIP phone to the Telkom Router correctly but no incoming and outgoing calls. So what could be the problem?

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I see you have logged a few forum posts regarding your dervice status that is showing offline.The reason why the device status is offline is because you have not set the SIP details on the phone yet. You would need to set up the Fanvil phone by logging into the device. The SIP credentials can be found on the Freshphone portal. Please see below examples when logged into the phone:

Get the phone's IP address. ( Generally this would be under device status or network status under the setting/status option )

  1. Login web interface in device by IP address
  2. User: admin  Password: admin
    fanvil login
  3. Switch to the tab “VOIP” in left panel


  1. Set the following fields in “Basic Settings”
    • Server Address:
    • Server Port: 5060
    • Authentication User: SIP Password
    • Authentication Password: User’s SIP password
    • SIP User: SIP Password
    • Display Name: SIP Password
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