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IP being blocked / unable to register

My IP is being blocked again:


I do not know why the old forum post was deleted: (see: screenshot)


Nothing changed on my side. Support will accuse me of using wrong credentials but nothing changed:


Why is freshphone not competent enough to solve this issue? Why was my old topic deleted?

Thanks , i have no idea what i done, or how, but its working now :)

i am however battling with the tms site, extremely slow

I am aware of some performance issues on the TMS, it should be better now though.

Hi @FreshMan 

urgent help needed pls :)

our outgoing line with your service has been running along for almost a month, no issues, and suddenly today(without any changes), my server seems to be blocked from accessing your server :(

All sorted!

Thank you very much for all your assistance and patience , good service is very scarce these days

for anyone having a similar weird issue with freepbx and service suddenly offline / getting blocked, we had to add a fromuser tag on our outbound calls, as it was being presented to FreshPhone as *

My IP seems to have become blocked.

All was working fine.

I registered for a second account and used the incorrect password.

Now my IP address seems to have been blacklisted / blocked on

My public IP address is:

How long before "fail2ban" removes the block?

Can you investigate & advise.


"fail2ban" seems to have removed the block / expired the block.
All working again.

Hi Alberto

The Blacklisting of IP's is cleaned out every 8 hours

Hi, have registered for the fresh phone status showing not activated.  I am also trying to port my Neotel number nothing seems to work.  This is frustrating as you offered a service but there is no consultant to help. Billing details and payment details do not work either.

Hi Sherona

Send a mail to our consultants on

My side has been blocked on your end as well, just as a outgoing call I was making was being answered by the other side, why? I have had this before, probably a month ago this doesn't make a lot of sense, I'll reboot the 3G router, but this is annoying to say the least, why, if your end insists on blocking this side, once a month or so, can't it do it before the call gets connected and not in mid greeting? Please let me know the reason why your end seems to do this probably about once a month...


Your Ip Address is not part of the blacklist there must be a internal issue that is causing the the current situation either on the phone aspect side or on the networking side of things.

there might be a firewall that is blocking the outgoing and receiving traffic.

HI there Fresh Tech, I answered the logged ticket and the problem is not on the firewall or the Asterisk box or the SIP phones talking to the Asterisk box. The problem is, I'm pretty certain, your end doing something it didn't do 2 months ago. Please also refer to ticket #11344.


The blacklisting that took place was because we were receiving an incorrect account number. Our security servers will block anything that comes from an "account number" that is not an account number with FreshPHONE.

The above mentioned account number can only be the 2787xxxxxx number that the account was originally created with

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