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IP being blocked / unable to register

My IP is being blocked again:


I do not know why the old forum post was deleted: (see: screenshot)


Nothing changed on my side. Support will accuse me of using wrong credentials but nothing changed:


Why is freshphone not competent enough to solve this issue? Why was my old topic deleted?

Thanks , i have no idea what i done, or how, but its working now :)

i am however battling with the tms site, extremely slow

I am aware of some performance issues on the TMS, it should be better now though.

Hi @FreshMan 

urgent help needed pls :)

our outgoing line with your service has been running along for almost a month, no issues, and suddenly today(without any changes), my server seems to be blocked from accessing your server :(

All sorted!

Thank you very much for all your assistance and patience , good service is very scarce these days

for anyone having a similar weird issue with freepbx and service suddenly offline / getting blocked, we had to add a fromuser tag on our outbound calls, as it was being presented to FreshPhone as *

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