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IP being blocked / unable to register

My IP is being blocked again:


I do not know why the old forum post was deleted: (see: screenshot)


Nothing changed on my side. Support will accuse me of using wrong credentials but nothing changed:


Why is freshphone not competent enough to solve this issue? Why was my old topic deleted?

Hi Gunter

Question: Can I connect from two different devices simultaneously with the same credentials?

Answer: No, they will fight each other for registration.

Your other questions will be answered via the private ticket


A firewall is definitely in place (and I tested it) - e.g. no external connections to port 5060 (udp/tcp) are allowed except if they come from

So an external source trying to login to fresphone over my connection would not be possible.

Hi Gunter

As per the reply from Dev on the ticket, the 021 number that you are sending us is the incorrect format. Under the Basic Settings, make the Call ID your 2787xxxxxx number and we will handle the 021 Caller ID on our gateway. This should stop the blacklisting

Hi Gunter

I see that the credentials are all coming through correctly now. You shouldn't experience an issue any more.

All sorted!

Thank you very much for all your assistance and patience , good service is very scarce these days

for anyone having a similar weird issue with freepbx and service suddenly offline / getting blocked, we had to add a fromuser tag on our outbound calls, as it was being presented to FreshPhone as *

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