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IP getting blocked / unable to register


My IP seems to be getting blocked every now and then - which then fails the server registration thus leaving my phone unavailable.

Support is claiming this is because I am logging with wrong credentials, but then my expectations would be a constant fail. But the blockings happen only intermittent and get released again after a while.

Hi Gunter,

I hope you are well. I do not see your 154 IP address in our blacklist. Please check the settings on your device you are using the Freshphone account on. 

Thank you. 

Have you checked the logs? The blacklisting does not last over an hour so we have been removed from it already.

But it keeps on happening on a daily basis.

The blacklist works on an 8 hour rotation, if we did not remove you then it will be removed every 8 hours. Therefore the blacklisting has to last over an hour.

We did not remove you from the blacklist today and I can not see any record of your IP entering it.

Then why was it offline (displayed on freshphone when I login) even though my internet was online and the VOIP was on?

Its possible there may be an issue with the INVITE sent to us, is there any way that device you use for your phone system captures PCAP traces?

Impossible to register to port my landline or to log in with a password

Hi Jewel,

I will create a private ticket regarding your query. 

Thank you. 

Hi Gunter

The phone seems to be staying online now

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