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Geographic DID stopped working

Calls to my geographic number 021 855 3271 have suddenly stopped working. I can make calls and I can receive calls to my 087 238 3416 number but when I call the 021 855 3271 number it says 'The telephone number you have called is not available, please try again later'. 

same problem here,

using a Siemens A510P VOIP Phone,  outgoing calls dont happen (shows as cancelled in Dashboard) incoming calls from mobile just cut off.

methinks its a network issue, hopefully resolved soon.

My issue has now resolved itself, so probably just a temporary routing issue.

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Hi Errol,

I will create a ticket regarding this query.

Thank you. 

Yes I think I have this problem too...

Hi Kurt,

I will create a private ticket regarding your query. 

Thank you. 

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