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Can't dial certain numbers

Good day, 

I created a freshphone account for me and my wife. My wife (from Freshphone) can phone my freshphone number but I can't phone her. 
Some numbers I can phone direct (ie. 012, 082, 073) but some I have to change to +27, and visa versa. Some +27 numbers I have to change to (0). 

Please help.

Hi Johann,

I hope you are well. Please advise on how you are dialing the numbers and also what application/device you have registered the account. 

Thank you. 

Hi Fresh Man, 

I am using the Zoiper Premium Android app. 

I have dialed the numbers straight from Zoiper. (Zoiper imports all your contacts) 
Some work others don't. I have also tried to dial the number manually from the keypad to see if it makes a difference, but with no luck. 

Hi Johann,

Please see the screenshot below. You will see how the application is dialing the numbers and why they are failing. Please have a look at your contact list and edit the numbers accordingly. 

Thank you.  

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