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Granstream HT801 unregisters frequently


I have a Granstream HT801 connected via LAN cable to my Mikrotik Hap Lite AP, and have a 4mb Fibre connection.

Every morning I wake up and the HT801 shows that is not registered. I try to reboot, turn the account to not active and them active again but nothing gets it to re-register. The only way I can get it to register is to do a VoIP data reset on the UI or by pressing the reset button on the unit, and then re-entering the SIP details from scratch. I have tried extending the registration expiration time and setting a re-register before expiration time, but this has not helped. On a few occasions, it has managed to go a few days (2 or 3) without having this problem.

Does anyone have a similar issue or know why this is happening?

Hi Trishen

There are 2 fixes to try here, each contradicts the other. So please test both as it depends on how your router is handling the traffic

Option 1

NAT Traversal has settings: No, Keep-alive, STUN and UPnP.  Both units must be set to "keep-alive".

Option 2

NAT Traversal must be disabled on the ATA Adaptor. It causes similar problems to SIP ALG

Thanks, I will test this and give feedback.

Hi Trishen

Your account seems to stay online now, or am I just by chance looking when it is online?


Yes, I think it is working now. I implemented the suggested change on Saturday morning, and it hasn't disconnected yet, so it definitely looks like its working. 

Thanks so much for your help!

Hi Trishen

That is great news. 

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