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Handset registered ok but no incoming call


I have a Yealink 52p base/handset. It has registered successfully and it makes outgoing calls. However when calling the number (ported ex telkom) it says "subscriber at extension (orig fp number) is not available" and on account page it reads "Device Status: offline".

Connected via CellC LTE Router RTL30VW to Vumatel Fibre.

If I use Zoiper app on either android or iphone it works perfectly for both incoming and outgoing. I have deleted the account from both apps but still no joy.

Is there something in the router or alternatively the Yealink setup that is preventing the incoming? Why would it register the device in the "Account" panel but then not be available?


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Hi Micheal, 

It seems you are having registration issues through your router. It's entirely possible that the CellC router is blocking SIP traffic, we have many clients complaining about VoIP not working on the CellC network. Can I assume that the fibre is through Vumatel but the ISP is CellC?

I have the same question as above but my ISP is MWEB and thefiber through vumatel

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