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R5 calling credit not finishing


I have had my fresh phones account for some months now and I have made some calls successfully. The strange thing is that my R5 calling credit is not finishing, there are also no records for the calls I made and received in the call history.

My worry is I might get a surprised big bill later on.

Please advise.



Everything is working. Thanks again.


Cool just test if everything is in order

Thanks, I have made the changes.


Hi Martin, 

I would make these changes.


It shows INT 2. I went to the number assignment page and I noticed something about the INT 1, INT 2, IP1, IP2 and i made a change on INT 2 "for outgoing calls" i changed it to IP2 now everything is working fine.
I can make calls and the credit is now being used up. I have attached the before and after making changes screenshots. Let me know if there is anything else that needs changing.

Thank you for your assistance.


On your handset, does it show INT 1 or INT 2? Could you also please send me a screenshot on the number assignment.

Thank you so much for your reply. I went to check in the admin page of my phone and found that Fresh phones and my previous VOIP account were all enabled. I disabled and left only the fresh phone settings enabled, I can receive calls but I cannot make calls. The phone displays "VoIP not available"

I tried enabling/disabling  ALG in my LTE modem/router, results are the same.


Hi Martin

Do you definitely have the account that ends in 34 installed?

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