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Cannot receive calls but can make outgoing

Hello. I cannot receive calls on my VOIP phone for ported Telkom number but I can make outgoing calls from fresh phone. Sounds like an exchange problem somewhere.
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Hi Arshad,

I have looked into your query and have done a few testes from my side. 

I tested your ported number as well as your FreshPhone number from our Telkom line in office and the calls went through to your PBX each time. You are able to view this via your TMS. 

In order for me to investigate further please action a test call from one of the numbers you were not receiving calls from previously and forward the exact time, date and number dialed from in order for me to escalate the issue to our SP.



Dear FreshMan

My number is now able to receive calls again. Thank you for intervention. Much appreciated indeed.


Cannot make or receive calls using my yealinh\k W53P phone. Tested it using zoiper can hear the person on the other side but they cannot hear me. Also when i try and call out or someone calls in it says call busy or failed

can someone please assist as this platform is not very user freindly

no iringtone on incoming calls 

Hi Umesh, 

I've answered your question on the private ticket you submitted.  

Thank you.  

still waiting for a reply

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