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Caller cannot hear me

I have registered my account with freshphone, and I am currently using it with the Zoiper Android app. 

I have received 2 calls, that worked perfectly, but a subsequent 2 calls where the caller could not hear me besides a very mumbled "gurgle" as it was described. 

All 4 calls were minutes apart, and all while the handset was connected to my 100mb fiber line.

The phone is a Samsung S7 edge if that helps. 

Hi Nicholas

Are you still experiencing this problem?

Hi Nicholas

This is most likely a codec issue, if you can select g729 on your device, then please choose that one. 

You can try to do an "echo test" by dialing *99

Thank you for your reply, I have all the codecs checked. 

It seems as if I need to put the person on hold for 1s to get the "under water sound" away. This was tested over 2 different fiber lines as well as over LTE. 

I will try each codec individually to see if they work. 

Hi Nicholas, 

It may be Codec related, ensure you are using either G729, iLBC, or Opus with the App on your phone, this can also happen if your Fibre line dropped slightly or was over utilised by other devices or applications (Streaming or update perhaps. )

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